EcoSeal is an organization dedicated to safe guarding the environment and transforming the market place by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally friendly products and services.

  • Degreasing Agents in Production and Maintenance Operations (EC-34)
  • Commercial & Institutional Cleaning Services (EC-42)
  • Consumer Soaps, Cleansers, and Shower Products (EC-44) (In development)
  • Coated Printing Paper (EC-10)
  • Commercial Adhesives (EC-36)
  • Electric Chillers (EC-31)
  • Energy Efficient Lighting – Compact Fluorescent Lamps (EC-5)
  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Operations (GC-10)
  • Food Service Packaging (EC-35)
  • Food and beverage processing establishments (EC-35-1)
  • General-Purpose, Bathroom, Glass, and Carpet Cleaners Used For Household Purposes (EC-8)
  • Industrial and Institutional Cleaners (EC-37)*
  • Hand Cleaners and Hand Soaps Used for Industrial & Institutional Hand Purposes (EC-41)
  • Industrial & Institutional Floor Finishes and Floor Finish Strippers (EC-40)
  • Laundry Care Products (EC-48)
  • Lodging Properties (EC-33)
  • Newsprint (EC-15)
  • Occupancy Sensors (GC-12)
  • Paints and Coatings (EC-11)**
  • Paper Products Used in the Preparation of Food (GC-8)
  • Paper Towels and Paper Napkins (EC-9)
  • Plastic Resin Film Bags (EC-45) (In development)
  • Powdered Laundry Bleach (GC-11)
  • Printing and Writing Paper (EC-7)
  • Recycled Content Latex Paint (EC-43)
  • Re-Refined Engine Oil (EC-3)
  • Residential Cleaning Services (EC-49) (In development)
  • Restaurant and Food Service Operations (EC-46) (In development)
  • Reusable Utility Bags (EC-16)
  • Stains and Finishes (EC-47) (In development)
  • Tissue Paper (EC-1)
  • Water bottling (ES-101)
  • Water and wastewater treatment products (ES-102)
  • Windows (EC-13)
  • Window Films (EC-14)

* The revised EC-37 supercedes the following standard: General-Purpose, Bathroom, Glass, and Carpet Cleaners Used for Industrial & Institutional Purposes (EC-37)



Contact us at certification@eco-seal.com to get  certification forms, fees and preliminary application for Eco-Seal certification.

  1. Eco-Seal can only certify products and services that fall under the scope of our standards. In order to become certified, your product/service must meet the requirements laid out in these standards.
  2. Fill out the Preliminary Application for Eco-Seal certification. By filling out the preliminary application, Eco-Seal will be better able to answer specific questions pertaining to your application.
  3. When we receive the completed preliminary application, a member of our staff will contact you and forward our formal application package including a confidentiality agreement.
  4. Complete, sign, and return signed duplicates (that is, two original copies) of both the Application for Certification and the Confidentiality Agreement, along with the product evaluation fee. Applications are not considered complete and work cannot begin until the evaluation fee is paid.
  5. Eco-Seal will countersign the Application and Confidentiality Agreement and send you an original copy for your files.
  6. Upon completion of the application process, Eco-Seal staff will contact your contact person to explain the evaluation process and will send you a check sheet of needed data.
  7. Submit the necessary data in duplicate (data material is not considered complete if duplicate copies are not sent). Failure to provide data in duplicate may cause delays in the evaluation and incur additional expenses.
  8. The Eco-Seal staff assigned to manage your evaluation will keep in touch with you regarding any additional data needs, further testing required, or product samples that may be requested.
  9. The evaluation process typically takes about three months, but delays may occur due to additional testing required or ingredient changes necessitated by the evaluation. We understand that companies are eager to receive certification of their products or services once they apply, but please be patient so that we may conduct the evaluation in a thorough and proper way.
  10. For product submissions, an audit of the manufacturing facility(ies) will be scheduled at the appropriate time. Usually this occurs when the product(s) has gone through and passed most of the evaluation.
  11. When a product has completed virtually all requirements for certification, Eco-Seal staff will work with you on the design of the product’s packaging to include the Eco-Seal Certification Mark and the accompanying text that spells out the environmental preferability of your product, as well as on any sales and marketing materials. Any use of the Eco-Seal must be approved in advance by Eco-Seal and conform to the Rules Governing the Use of the Eco-Seal Mark.
  12. If a product or service is determined to meet all requirements for certification, Eco-Seal will grant your company the right to use the Eco-Seal Certification Mark with regard to the product or service, its packaging, and its promotion and advertising by awarding an official letter and certificate of certification.
  13. Should a product or service fail to meet the requirements for certification, Eco-Seal will inform you of the reason(s). Eco-Seal keeps confidential all test results as well as the fact that you have submitted products or services for evaluation. In many cases, companies are able to modify their original submissions in order to achieve certification

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